ACGN Protocol: Pioneering the Future of Web3 ACGN Ecosystem

ACGN Protocol
6 min readNov 16, 2023


ACGN Protocol, as a platform driven by innovation, is steadfastly committed to enhancing users’ creative experiences. The future trajectory revolves around continuous product feature iterations and the expanding development of the ecosystem. The future of ACGN Protocol is filled with boundless possibilities. We will uphold an open and innovative philosophy, introducing the latest technologies and tools to provide users with a more convenient and efficient creative experience. Our goal is to become the most influential and innovative platform in the ACGN domain, offering creators a stage to showcase their talents and realize their dreams.

In the future, ACGN Protocol will further strengthen its AI-driven creator tools, providing creators with more advanced and personalized AI support. Through AI model training tools, creators will be able to shape unique artistic styles, bringing more novel creativity and diversity to the ACGN ecosystem. Simultaneously, we will continue expanding our decentralized Web3 ecosystem, providing creators with more opportunities for digital asset creation and injecting vitality and sustainable development into the ACGN ecosystem.

ACGN AI Generator Launch and Iteration

The ACGN AI Generator, introduced by ACGN Protocol, is an AI-based creative tool designed to assist creators in swiftly generating ACGN-style comic works. Utilizing advanced deep learning algorithms and an extensive dataset of ACGN comics, the generator autonomously produces comic segments, scenes, and character designs with distinctive ACGN features. Future updates will introduce more advanced AI technologies and comic creation algorithms to enhance the quality and diversity of comic generation, catering to the growing creative needs of authors. Additionally, the ACGN AI Generator will integrate the primary token $AIMEME, enabling creators to use $AIMEME tokens within the platform to purchase premium features and special effects. This includes additional customization options, unique character and prop designs, contributing to the enrichment and refinement of the ACGN ecosystem.

Upgrade and Expansion of Visual Novel Maker

After the closed test, ACGN Protocol’s visual novel maker will introduce support for Live 2D and gaming features, providing creators with more diverse, vivid, and interactive tools. This upgrade not only enhances the visual novel maker but also offers users a continuous stream of creative support, injecting more innovation and vitality into the ACGN ecosystem. The significance of this step lies in continually improving the user experience, making ACGN Protocol the preferred platform for creators.

Creator Center Officially Launches

Following the successful Alpha testing phase, the ACGN platform is set to be officially introduced to the market and users, and will continue to collaborate closely with the global ACGN community. The Creator Center, functioning as a comprehensive creative hub, aims to provide creators with richer resources and all-encompassing support, assisting them in realizing their creative dreams. We will continuously monitor user feedback, actively make improvements and optimizations to better meet the needs of both creators and users. In terms of technical support, we will ensure the platform’s stability and consistently incorporate cutting-edge technologies to ensure a continuous enhancement of user experience. We look forward to the launch of the Creator Center, creating a more thriving and innovative creative ecosystem for creators.

ACGN AI Creator Tools

ACGN Protocol is set to launch the ACGN AI Creator Tools, also known as the AI Model Training Tools, providing creators with a unique opportunity. The introduction of this tool will empower creators with greater flexibility, enabling creators to use $AIMEME tokens to pay for the cost of utilizing ACGN AI Creator Tools for AI model training. Creators can fully leverage this technology, using artificial intelligence to craft more captivating and distinctive ACGN works. This will not only open up new creative avenues for creators but also propel profound innovation within ACGN culture. ACGN Protocol is committed to providing robust technical support for this technology, ensuring that creators can fully unleash their creativity and infuse more vitality into the ACGN ecosystem.

UGC Game Publication

The ACGN Protocol ecosystem is set to introduce an exclusive UGC game publishing feature, marking a significant integration of ACGN and gaming. This innovative initiative provides a unique platform for creators to showcase and unleash their creativity. The significance of this feature extends beyond diversifying the ACGN ecosystem, offering game creators a broader space for artistic expression. Through UGC game publishing, creators can use the $AIMEME token to release their own gaming creations, creators can leverage the technical support of ACGN Protocol to effortlessly present their gaming creations to the global ACGN community, facilitating global sharing and interaction of creative ideas. This not only propels the development of the ACGN ecosystem but also fosters collaboration and communication among game creators, enriching the entire ACGN community with a more vibrant and enjoyable gaming experience.

Exploration of ACGN Community, Ecosystem, and SocialFi

ACGN Protocol encourages community members to participate in decision-making and governance, including voting on initiatives such as creator incentive programs, product improvements, and development directions. These voting and decision-making processes can use $AIMEME tokens as a means to express and measure voting rights, ensuring more fairness and credibility in the outcomes. Meanwhile, incentive programs will persist in offering generous rewards to creators, fostering the involvement of more creators in the ACGN ecosystem. Simultaneously, the incentive program will continue to provide generous rewards to creators, encouraging more of them to join the ACGN ecosystem. Within one quarter of the product launch, ACGN plans to establish a creator incentive program. Each period’s top creators will be decided by community members’ votes on a dedicated webpage, encouraging creators to upload high-quality works in various ACGN genres, including anime, manga, games, novels, etc. Outstanding works will receive substantial rewards and promotional opportunities, motivating creators to produce more compelling content and garner support from the user community.

Encouraging communication and collaboration among creators within the community is a priority. The platform offers an exclusive space for creators to interact, learn from each other, and collaborate, fostering the prosperity of the anime and manga culture. ACGN Protocol’s future plans involve expanding into more cultural genres, diversifying the ACGN ecosystem, and providing creators with more opportunities. Additionally, there is a commitment to exploring the application of artificial intelligence in the SocialFi domain, enhancing social trading experiences, and further expanding the ACGN community and user base. This expansion will not only drive cultural diversity within ACGN but also create richer social and creative experiences for users. Leveraging advanced technological support, ACGN Protocol aims to continuously provide innovative and diverse features and experiences for users in its future development.

Looking ahead, we anticipate that AI models will achieve mutual interaction, creating more value and opportunities for model owners. This feature will be a highlight of the ACGN ecosystem, offering creators and users broader creative opportunities and economic value. ACGN Protocol will tirelessly strive to lead the future development of the ACGN field. With confidence in the guidance of openness and innovation, the ACGN ecosystem is poised for continuous vibrant growth, creating a cultural ecosystem filled with innovation and imagination. To achieve this goal, ongoing technical support will be provided to ensure the smooth implementation of the mutual interaction feature of AI models. Everyone is welcome to participate and contribute to shaping a bright future for ACGN culture.