ACGN x LBANK $ACGNxp Airdrop Campaign

ACGN Protocol
3 min readNov 8, 2023


Free Registration, Instant Rewards $ACGNxp

Warm you up in this winter, join to earn!

$ACGNxp Airdrop Campaign Duration: 11/8–11/22

This exclusive event is designed to reward our vibrant community and welcome new enthusiasts to the ACGN universe. In this unparalleled airdrop experience, participants have the opportunity to dive into the heart of the ACGN ecosystem. As we team up with LBANK, a leading exchange platform, we’re thrilled to distribute $ACGNxp tokens to our dedicated supporters and enthusiastic newcomers. Join us in this groundbreaking campaign, where innovation meets community spirit. Explore the future of ACGN, powered by cutting-edge technology and a passion for creativity. Stay tuned for updates and get ready to seize the moment with the $ACGNxp Airdrop Campaign!

Participation Guidelines:

  • Exclusive Invitation: New users, this one’s for you! Get ready to step into the world of $ACGNxp through an exclusive invitation link & code.
  • Registration Rewards: Once you register on LBank using the inviter’s invitation link & code and successfully complete the verification process, you’ll be rewarded with a generous bounty of 120 $ACGNxp tokens! These tokens will automatically appear in your LBank account, ready to fuel your crypto journey.
  • Inviter Incentives: For every user who registers successfully through the invitation link & code, the inviter will receive a fantastic reward of 55 $ACGNxp tokens. If you believe in your influence and would like to earn the inviter’s rewards, fill in this application and ACGN Team will assess your social media account’s influence. Welcome to become one of the ACGN Influencers!

*The rewards for the inviters will be distributed to your account after the end of the invitation event.

  • One-Time Reward: Remember, new friends, this incredible reward is a one-time opportunity. Each new user is eligible to receive this generous bounty once, so make it count!
  • This event is exclusive to NEW users who register through the inviter’s link, and they can instantly receive $ACGNxp. Users registered before 10:00 on November 10th (UTC) are not eligible.
  • If you are a new user, please ensure that when registering on LBank through the inviter’s link, and you have entered the inviter’s invitation code; otherwise, you won’t be able to successfully claim $ACGNxp.


  1. Click the exclusive invitation link from friends or KOLs
  2. Enroll Now

3. Register on LBank. Enter the invitation code provided by your inviter.

4. After successful registration, the rewards will arrive soon!

About ACGN

ACGN Protocol is an AI-driven Web3 ACGN (anime, comics, games, and novels) creator ecosystem. Based on the open-source creator protocol: ACGN Protocol, users can utilize our AI-powered tools to create derivative content from original IPs, fostering an NFT content network that connects derivatives and originals, and building a bottom-up ACGN content creation ecosystem.ACGN Protocol provides users with AI-powered creator tools. Users can upload derivative creations, create with AI tools, train AI models, explore content and trade NFTs on the platform, and use the visual novel maker to import illustrations, music, dubbings, and scripts to make visual novels.

About $ACGNxp

$ACGNxp serves as the testing token for the ACGN Protocol, representing a significant milestone in our development. Through the ongoing $ACGNxp Airdrop Campaign, users have the exclusive opportunity to acquire these tokens. Following the official launch of ACGN product, users will have the privilege to seamlessly convert their $ACGNxp tokens into ACGN tokens: $AIMEME at a conversion rate of 1:1. This initiative marks the gateway to our innovative ecosystem, offering users the prospect of engaging with ACGN’s transformative capabilities soon.