$AIMEME Tokenomics

ACGN Protocol
3 min readDec 2, 2023


ACGN Protocol has introduced a robust tokenomics model to drive and sustain its decentralized ecosystem. The platform’s official governance token, $AIMEME, plays a crucial role in ecosystem development, governing the ACGN community, and incentivizing active user participation in various aspects.

The total initial supply of $AIMEME is 1 billion (1,000,000,000). The token distribution is as follows:

Use Cases:

$AIMEME has multiple use cases within the ACGN ecosystem, providing various channels for the reasonable and orderly development of the token throughout the entire ecosystem.

  • Creators can use $AIMEME to gain voting rights, participate in governance decisions, and influence the platform’s development direction.
  • Users can utilize $AIMEME to acquire voting rights, participate in selecting winners in ACGN’s regular creative competitions, and receive incentives for platform creators.
  • Creators can obtain access to ACGN AI creator tools and AI model training permissions by paying with $AIMEME tokens.
  • Creators can transfer electronic works to the ACGN creator center by paying with $AIMEME, and these works will be exhibited in the form of NFTs.
  • Through UGC game publishing, creators can use $AIMEME tokens to release their game works. With technical support from ACGN Protocol, showcasing their game creations to the global ACGN community becomes more seamless.
  • The team regularly burns a portion of the $AIMEME obtained from income.

Governance and Voting

$AIMEME holders actively participate in the governance of ACGN Protocol. They not only propose and vote on initiatives but also deeply engage in shaping the platform’s development direction. Through the voting process, fairness and democracy in decision-making are ensured, aligning with the community’s shared vision for the evolution of ACGN. Users can utilize $AIMEME to gain voting rights, participate in ACGN’s regular creative competitions, elect winners, and consequently receive incentives for platform creators. This process not only provides users with more opportunities for engagement but also fosters the development and innovation of the platform community. In this way, the governance functionality of $AIMEME is not just about decision-making but also a crucial part of community building and incentive systems.

Ecosystem Growth

As part of the tokenomics, efforts are dedicated to the growth of the ecosystem, including strategic partnerships, marketing, and community outreach. This ensures continuous expansion, enhances platform visibility, and attracts a diverse user base. Actively seeking strategic partnerships involves collaborating with industry leaders to drive ecosystem development. This includes not only technical collaboration but also market expansion and joint innovation initiatives. In terms of marketing, targeted promotional activities are employed to increase platform awareness. Resources are allocated to creative advertising and promotion to capture broader user attention. Additionally, social media and online communities are utilized to actively engage in user dialogue, building a positive brand image. Organizing rich online and offline events, including seminars and participatory activities, promotes community interaction and engagement. Users are encouraged to share their experiences, provide suggestions, and actively participate in the decision-making process for platform development.

The tokenomics of ACGN Protocol are carefully designed to create a dynamic and self-sustaining ecosystem. By adjusting incentive measures, community engagement is encouraged, driving the healthy development of the ACGN ecosystem. Emphasis is placed on enhancing the utility of $AIMEME, making it a widely applicable utility token. Through continuous expansion of token use cases, efforts are made to ensure that $AIMEME plays a crucial driving role in ACGN becoming a dominant force in the Web3 domain.