CoinMarketCap $AIMEME Application

ACGN Protocol
Dec 1, 2023

Hello Team! This is our proof that our request is authentic.

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About ACGN

ACGN Protocol is an AI-driven Web3 ACGN (anime, comics, games, and novels) creator ecosystem. Based on the open-source creator protocol: ACGN Protocol, users can utilize our AI-powered tools to create derivative content from original IPs, fostering an NFT content network that connects derivatives and originals, and building a bottom-up ACGN content creation ecosystem.ACGN Protocol provides users with AI-powered creator tools. Users can upload derivative creations, create with AI tools, train AI models, explore content and trade NFTs on the platform, and use the visual novel maker to import illustrations, music, dubbings, and scripts to make visual novels.